Thursday, 17 March 2016

Boat Cruises and the Nigerian Waterway

I was listening to Beat 99.9FM on my way to work this morning when I heard a boat cruise company trying to sell tours. They talked about how it was a cheap way to have fun and tour the world with family and friends, and it got me thinking, are people aware of boat cruises on the Nigerian waterways? If yes how many people have actually been on those and who books these tours and cruises?
So I decided we need to do more research at DN, because I am certain that some of our readers would like to explore the waterways as well. 
I know in Lagos there is Prest Cruise, where you can have dinners and lunch or a party while you float, but is there more?
Do we have cruises that sees you doing a few days from one waterway in a state to another?
Tourism is more than just the destination, the journey is part of the process. The flight, the trains, the vehicle and the boats/ships are all a part of the process in creating a memorable vacation.
If you have any information on travel and tours that you would like to share do send them to us.

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