Friday, 11 March 2016

Cross River State, Nigeria's First Federal Capital and Still Looking Fab!

If you are the average Lagosian like me with all the insanity in this town, you need a dose of Cross River State, I certainly did.
I had heard a lot about Calabar being clean, Tinapa being Fabulous, and Obudu breath taking but I still was not mentally prepared for it.
I love the Marine resort for it's peace and tranquility, it felt like time stood still and the peace still brings out the zen in me.
The Millenium Park I wish was as big as it's namesake in Abuja, or that there were more people visiting and spending time there, it looked like no one appreciated it as I was pretty much the only person there!
Tinapa I thought was beautiful, but the mall was empty and I felt a bit sorry for the people who had stores there.
Obudu, breath taking! My advice, go with a loved one (couples) or go in a group to max out on the fun. Either way as a romantic getaway, adventure with friends Obudu is a winner. My only complaint, there has got to be an easier way by road 4hrs of lots of bumps, or flights on small aircrafts in those mountains can be rather scary. But once you arrive, you can forget about the rest of the world.

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