Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Ikogosi Spring, Ekiti State's Underestimated Treasure

Thanksto DNVlogLife on Youtube for this video

One of the places we are thinking of visiting is the Ikogosi warm spring. I like the myth behind it. You might have heard it too.
A hunter had two wives several years ago, one wife was quite temperamental and the other cool and calm. Well, according to the myth, they both had a fight with their husband and the calm wife transformed to the cool refreshing part of the spring, while the hot tempered wife transformed to the warm,soothing part of the spring. Don't ask how that happened, you can visit and let the tour guides tell you more.

The beauty of mother nature's mysteries is partly in the legendary stories associated with the various resorts and tour destinations.
Also note that and there are comfortable hotels close by, so you and your travel buddies, colleagues, family members can soak in more of the rich culture while on the vacation. Enjoy local delicacies, wine, some traditional dance and even more folktales.
If you have been to Ikogosi or know anyone who has, share your stories and send in pictures or videos.

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  1. not been there yet, but have heard a bit about it. checking out hotels and tour deals. will share soon.