Thursday, 10 March 2016

Lagos National Theatre, What Happened?

A chat with a friend last night and some of the recent events in Nigeria got me thinking. According to him,  Nigeria is not ready for tourism and that my Destination Naija movement was 'nice'  but would take a long while if ever it succeeds. He spoke factually about maintenance culture and security being a major issue. I listened calmly, then I said to him, 'we are not ready for Agriculture because of Infrastructure, we are incapable of refining our own oil, we do not have power, we cannot promote tourism, what do you suggest we do, close shop?'
The way I see it, we are hardly ever ready for anything, so we just make it happen as much as we can and hope for the best.
I am well aware of these challenges he pointed out, but we cannot leave the country to go up in smoke, we cannot afford to.
The last time I checked there are 36 states in Nigeria and not everyone of them is torn apart by security breach, so we continue to thrive as we  I do not have another country to call home.
As regards maintenance, lets talk Lagos National Theatre, Iganmu.

I recall as a kid growing up in Benin watching Frank Olize on Newsline talk about events happening at the National theatre and I always wanted to be in there, experience the magic I felt it held.
I imagined watching wole Soyinka's Lion and the Jewel, Ola Rotimi's Ovonramwen Nogbaisi or The God's are Not to blame performed on its stage.
But alas! when I eventually did it was run down and it smelt like a project gone bad and I felt my childhood fantasy die a slowand painful death.
How did we let this happen? It was not used for event without payment, so how difficult can it possibly be to maintain?
Not meant to deter us on this quest to sensitize people on the great potentials in Nigerian Tourism, we will keep thriving to get people to #TravelNaija #GrowNaija

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  1. Really enjoyed your post, its really something we need to promote among ourselves, Holidays within our own shores rather than spending all those money else where. i agree with you that our tourism will and can be built by us and nobody else.