Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Will Nigerians Travel Naija to Grow Naija?

We sat down as a team, with one of our team member calling in from London.
The initial purpose of the meeting was to strategise and analyse the various angles we thought Nigerian tourism should be looked at and our talks took a rather interesting turn.
One of the member of the Destination Naija team thought we should not only show people  attractive destinations in Nigeria, which  is one of the major reasons DN was set up, but he raised the pertinent question that challenged our DN motto, Travel Naija, Grow Naija.
How many Nigerians really consider a trip within the country as an actual vacation?

Before you get defensive and respond by saying 'I do' , think carefully what % of Nigerians do you represent? a majority or a minority?
This is very important, because we have to appreciate our vast potentials before convincing foreigners to see us as such. But a situation where even those who are unable to afford a trip abroad, would rather have no vacation than travel to Ikogosi, Gurara or Olumo rock that are close, serene and the best part, affordable!
The average Nigerian thinks a vacation must involve having their passports stamped, a visa issued, a truckload of money, and several 'oyinbo' people in the background of their vacation pictures before it can be considered a gist worthy vacation.
If you are honest with yourself, you just might admit that you are a part of that majority. Not a crime to be that way, but to diversify and grow the Nigerian economy, tourism should be explored.
Who is up for a Naija vacation?
Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. I really commend this initiative and I am excited about what is to come. I have had the opportunity to visit some really beautiful places in Naija and would love to explore further. I can't wait to hear about the beautiful sites we have!!!