Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Exciting Easter Vacation Deal Online

It is exciting to see vacation deals within Nigeria, planned for your convenience. We are not in anyway endorsing the Travel Management company, but if you are interested in spending the Easter in Obudu, then this is a deal worth considering.
See the link here for details, we are on the lookout and partnering with Companies and Agencies to bring you the best Travel deals that are strictly Naija!  Visit Dealdey 
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 Easter Getaway | Obudu | Flight Trip

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Boat Cruises and the Nigerian Waterway

I was listening to Beat 99.9FM on my way to work this morning when I heard a boat cruise company trying to sell tours. They talked about how it was a cheap way to have fun and tour the world with family and friends, and it got me thinking, are people aware of boat cruises on the Nigerian waterways? If yes how many people have actually been on those and who books these tours and cruises?
So I decided we need to do more research at DN, because I am certain that some of our readers would like to explore the waterways as well. 
I know in Lagos there is Prest Cruise, where you can have dinners and lunch or a party while you float, but is there more?
Do we have cruises that sees you doing a few days from one waterway in a state to another?
Tourism is more than just the destination, the journey is part of the process. The flight, the trains, the vehicle and the boats/ships are all a part of the process in creating a memorable vacation.
If you have any information on travel and tours that you would like to share do send them to us.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

LAGOS - Africa's Model Mega-City by QCPTV

We saw this amazing video on Youtube by QCPTV.com and we thought DN readers would be as intrigued as we were.
Thank you QCPTV for showing us Lagos like we have never seen it before.

Enjoy the video, we certainly did.

Cross River State, Redefining Tourism In Nigeria

When I think Nigerian Tourism, the first state that comes to my head is Cross River States. From the annual Calabar Carnival,  Tinapa resort to the Breathtaking Obudu that is one state that gives you more than one reason to return.

Some online photos of Tinapa, Obudu, and Calabar town. Cross river is certainly a must see.
More photos after the cut.

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Yankari Game Reserve, Bauchi State

One tourist site in Nigeria we are yet to visit is Yankari Game Reserve in Bauchi State.
But it is certainly on our list, though a little bird from the state mentioned that the place is not well maintained , and not much done to preserve it's beauty.
These pictures were sent in by a contributor to DN, Abdulmalik who happens to be from Bauchi.
He said these were from his 2008 visit to the reserve.
Destination Naija team will share more on Yankari when we visit.
More photos after the cut.

Friday, 11 March 2016

Cross River State, Nigeria's First Federal Capital and Still Looking Fab!

If you are the average Lagosian like me with all the insanity in this town, you need a dose of Cross River State, I certainly did.
I had heard a lot about Calabar being clean, Tinapa being Fabulous, and Obudu breath taking but I still was not mentally prepared for it.
I love the Marine resort for it's peace and tranquility, it felt like time stood still and the peace still brings out the zen in me.
The Millenium Park I wish was as big as it's namesake in Abuja, or that there were more people visiting and spending time there, it looked like no one appreciated it as I was pretty much the only person there!
Tinapa I thought was beautiful, but the mall was empty and I felt a bit sorry for the people who had stores there.
Obudu, breath taking! My advice, go with a loved one (couples) or go in a group to max out on the fun. Either way as a romantic getaway, adventure with friends Obudu is a winner. My only complaint, there has got to be an easier way by road 4hrs of lots of bumps, or flights on small aircrafts in those mountains can be rather scary. But once you arrive, you can forget about the rest of the world.

Freebie Friday on Destination Naija!

Destination Naija is celebrating it's first weekend, trust us if you know what the response to this movement has been in just one week, you would understand why we are excited!

To participate, all you have to do is:
  1. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @Destination_NG
  2. Send via mail a photograph of you at a vacation spot in Nigeria. It can be as simple as a picture at the beach, Olumo Rock, a nice lake or even your neighborhood as long as the environment is beautiful,serene and the picture creative.
  3. Pictures should be mailed to ose.ngamdy@gmail.com
  4. 5 Pictures selected by the DN team will win our Super Secret DN prizes
  5. Pictures will be selected based on originality and creativity and the winners will be announced next week Friday, 18th March, 2016
No foreign vacation pictures allowed, and you must be resident in Nigeria to participate.
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Thursday, 10 March 2016

Lagos National Theatre, What Happened?

A chat with a friend last night and some of the recent events in Nigeria got me thinking. According to him,  Nigeria is not ready for tourism and that my Destination Naija movement was 'nice'  but would take a long while if ever it succeeds. He spoke factually about maintenance culture and security being a major issue. I listened calmly, then I said to him, 'we are not ready for Agriculture because of Infrastructure, we are incapable of refining our own oil, we do not have power, we cannot promote tourism, what do you suggest we do, close shop?'
The way I see it, we are hardly ever ready for anything, so we just make it happen as much as we can and hope for the best.
I am well aware of these challenges he pointed out, but we cannot leave the country to go up in smoke, we cannot afford to.
The last time I checked there are 36 states in Nigeria and not everyone of them is torn apart by security breach, so we continue to thrive as we  I do not have another country to call home.
As regards maintenance, lets talk Lagos National Theatre, Iganmu.

Gurara Waterfalls, Arguably Niger State's Finest Attraction

I visited Gurara Waterfalls in Niger State for the first time in 2008. It was a day after Christmas and some colleagues of mine in Abuja thought hiking up and down the mountains would be a great idea, they were right. I did not realise how easily I could use the words 'exhausted' and 'fun' in same sentence till that day.
We played volleyball and football on the beach-like sandy shores, we hiked up the mountains, had a picnic, took loads of pictures and were thoroughly exhausted when we drove back to Abuja later same day. That was my initiation into Naija vacations.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Lekki Conservation Centre, One of Lagos' best kept Secret ?

A visit to Lekki Conservation Centre opened my eyes to a different side of Lagos, one I did not realise was just next door!
After a meeting with a friend of mine at Bogobiri (Good hangout spot in Lagos if you want to soak in some culture), he mentioned how we never do enough to show off the lovely natural resorts. I reeled out some of the usual in Lagos, La Campagne, Inagbe,Whispering Palm then I showed him a picture of Kachikally in Gambia on one of my trip and he laughed and said yeah, you should see LCC if you like things like this.
I was a bit hesitant, as it was almost 5pm and no one wants to get stuck in Lekki traffic, but curiosity got the better of me and we drove down, less than an hour from Awolowo road with the traffic and I was blown away.
Not because it was the best I have seen, but it felt like I was staring at Lagos' best kept secret!
You should visit, and join the rest of us 'elites' privy to one of Lagos' best kept secret.

Ikogosi Spring, Ekiti State's Underestimated Treasure

Thanksto DNVlogLife on Youtube for this video

One of the places we are thinking of visiting is the Ikogosi warm spring. I like the myth behind it. You might have heard it too.
A hunter had two wives several years ago, one wife was quite temperamental and the other cool and calm. Well, according to the myth, they both had a fight with their husband and the calm wife transformed to the cool refreshing part of the spring, while the hot tempered wife transformed to the warm,soothing part of the spring. Don't ask how that happened, you can visit and let the tour guides tell you more.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Will Nigerians Travel Naija to Grow Naija?

We sat down as a team, with one of our team member calling in from London.
The initial purpose of the meeting was to strategise and analyse the various angles we thought Nigerian tourism should be looked at and our talks took a rather interesting turn.
One of the member of the Destination Naija team thought we should not only show people  attractive destinations in Nigeria, which  is one of the major reasons DN was set up, but he raised the pertinent question that challenged our DN motto, Travel Naija, Grow Naija.
How many Nigerians really consider a trip within the country as an actual vacation?

Experiencing Naija as a Tourist

My team and I travelled to Akwa Ibom a few years ago, not because we wanted to, we flew in because we could not get on board a direct flight to Calabar for an event, Uyo was our next best option.
It was an awesome trip! One we later tagged our #SouthSouthVacation as we ended up loving the road trip and spent a few days extra just so we could visit the breath taking  Obudu Cattle ranch, after exploring Tinapa, walking the unbelievably clean streets of Calabar while eating roasted corn and pear, grilled fish and unripe plantain.
This idea was birthed on that trip, coupled with the recent #BuyNaija trend and diversifying the economy we think tourism is one way to go.
We talk about diversifying the economy in Nigeria and Tourism can be one of the other ways to generate revenue.
Destination Naija (DN)is all about exploring and showcasing  the beauty of Naija in ways a lot of us are unaware of. Some of these places are so close and affordable!
Vacations do not necessarily need to involve a visa, stamped passports, lots of 'oyinbo'people in the background and a sizeable chunk of your savings to be fun, we can promote tourism in Nigeria.
Follow @Tour_Naija on Twitter and Instagram.
If there are unexplored 'touristy' sites in your states do share with us.
Do not fail to leave a comment.
welcome to Destination Naija!
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